Deal Killer Tip

Roofing DEAL KILLING issues Pt. 1:

The Average Life Expectancies of Different Roofing Systems

– Tile: 19-22 years

– Dimensional Asphalt Shingles: 18-20 years

– 3-Tab Shingles: 14-16 years

– Flat Roofs: 14-16 years

– Metal and Aluminum: 25-30 years


Roofing DEAL KILLING issues Pt. 2:

Sealing Roof Tiles and Shingles

The best way to shorten the life of a roof is to seal it with a reflective paint sealer. All this does is trap moisture below the roof covering and allow the moisture to hang out and seep under the roofing materials. This will result in rusting nails and tin caps. The only way to remedy this condition is to replace the roof.


Roofing DEAL KILLING issues Pt. 3:

Metal and Aluminum Roofs

This type of roof is marketed to last a lifetime. The fallacy is, the material used to create a metal and aluminum roof is actually a mixture of galvanized metal and aluminum. The closer the house is to the ocean, the greater the chances of the roof beginning to rust and pit, thereby shortening the life of the roof.


Deal Killer Tip


Older & Damaged Roofs


I find this to be a very common home inspection problem. Asphalt shingle roofs only last about 15 to 20 years. Roof leakage caused by old or damaged shingles or improper flashing is a frequent problem. Also, many roofs replaced after Hurricane Andrew 23 years ago are at the end of their life expectancy.


Deal Killer Tip

Check for open permits and for permitted additions or enclosures. Many times this becomes a DEAL KILLING issue when a carport, garage, or exterior patio has been enclosed. If the floor has not been raised to meet the floor level in the house, it is a clear sign that permits were not issued to enclose this area. This is also useful in determining the age of the Roof.

If a permit was issued for roof replacement, you will find it on the MIAMIDADE.GOV web site. Here’s a helpful link to the BUILDING PERMIT SELECTON MENU. Be sure to select “OPEN MASTER PERMITS (Address)” and use the home address as a reference in the “Enter required information here:” field box at the bottom of the page. Click “Submit” and the permit history of that house will appear.