Optional Inspections

Optional Inspections



Is your home making you sick? Does your family suffer from chronic respiratory or allergic conditions? Do your employees complain about the air quality in your office or work place? This may be a result of mold that resides in numerous areas of a building and is not visible to the naked eye. Our team of Florida Certified Mold Assessors will assess your home or commercial property for the presence of mold. Catalina’s experts implement protocol that is unparalleled in South Florida involving the use of equipment, knowledge and years of experience to gather information and analyze samples collected onsite. Catalina’s alliance with EMLab provides unmatched laboratory analysis with a quick turnaround time. How we test.


Catalina provides a thorough assessment of the surface environments of each home or commercial building, using visual means as well as on-site testing with moisture meters, hygrometers, ATP (on-site mold detections), thermal imaging, air sampling and surface sampling procedures. Air samples and surface samples are analyzed for presence of mold spores. Each sample is analyzed by our certified laboratory for microbial identification and quantification.


Our evaluation, findings, analysis of samples and subsequent recommendations are provided in an industry-best report, including labeled photos of key contaminated areas.


Catalina is the sole building inspection company in South Florida with four licensed mold assessors on staff to meet our client’s needs.


Windstorm Mitigation

Homeowners must have insurance with windstorm coverage if they have a mortgage. The good news is that Florida state law entitles you to certain premium reductions on your insurance for construction that reduces damage and loss in windstorms. Reductions are only possible with an inspection!
Start saving money now with possible credits obtained by submitting these reports to your insurance.

4 PT

Insurance companies have become increasingly reluctant to issue Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes. Their common concern is that there may be conditions in an older home that could become a liability to them. After Hurricane Andrew, the 4 Point Inspection was created so that homeowners could provide documentation of their home’s good condition to insurance companies. This inspection focuses only on four main areas of interest in a home: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), electrical wiring and panels, plumbing connections and fixtures, and the roof.


Sewer Camera

Homes built prior to 1972 are equipped with cost iron sanitary sewer pipes under the home’s Roars. This piping has an original life expectancy of 40 to 50 years. This piping corrodes due to age, causing leakage, blockages, backups and damage to the homes. The soil below a home’s floors and the walls become saturated with the contaminated sewer water, creating potentially hazardous conditions. It is not a question of “if” this piping will fail, but when.


The following may alert you that your piping is failing:


– Backups of your toilets, tubs, kitchen sink, laundry sink or shower.
– Cockroach infestation, especially around the kitchen (they come out of the broken piping!)
– Staining or damage to the walls or doors.
– The smell of sulfur, sewer gas.
– Leakage from under your kitchen cabinets.
– Stains or leakage at on exterior wall under a kitchen window.


The repairs required to replace the piping con be very expensive, and require you to vocate your home. Identifying the condition at the early stages will allow you to plan and address the problem before your home is uninhabitable. Additionally what many homeowners might not know is that the damage and repairs may be covered by their homeowner’s insurance.


Here’s where Catalina comes in. We are unbiased experts at evaluating the components of a home. We are not plumbers who have an interest in re-piping your home. We provide unbiased evaluations ond inspections of your piping using the latest mini-camera technology. Catalina has been providing assessments to homeowners since 1993, and is the oldest inspection company in South Florida celebrating our 20th year. We will provide you with the information you need to know, including a report documenting the damages with photographs of the piping conditions. Catalina has provided this service to hundreds of homeowners in South Florida.


A Sewer Camera Inspection & Damage Assessment costs only $375 for a standard 2 bathroom home, including a detailed report documenting the damages. The cost of the assessment may also be covered by your homeowners insurance should you hove a covered claim.



Chinese Drywall

Residents in homes with problem drywall report having health issues like respiratory irritation,and other problems such as copper corrosion and sulfur odors.A detailed point-by-point inspection of accessible areas including limited invasive bore-scope of interior wall cavities. Inspection of key components for signs of oxidation.

Thermal Imaging

Home inspections are a visual inspection, we can only report on what we can see. Thermal imaging gives a professional home inspector the ability to see beyond the normally visible. Make sure that when you hire a home inspector, who also does thermal imaging, that you hire one who has also been properly trained in how to use the imager.


Many inspectors buy an infrared camera, but never take the training courses or become properly certified. Our inspectors are completely trained and certified. A professional home inspector, equipped with a thermal imaging camera and properly trained and certified in its use, can find problems with a house that a normal home inspectors cannot. These problems include:
– Water intrusion through the houses exterior covering, whether the house has brick, stone, stucco or siding.
– Improperly installed or settled insulation.
– Water leaks around windows and doors.
– Plumbing leaks inside the house, including leaking pipes, improperly seated toilets, leaky shower pans and bathtubs and water pipe condensation.
– Improperly insulated HVAC ducting that have not been properly sealed or that cause condensation dripping in attics and crawlspaces.
– Improperly installed or insufficient insulation in ceilings and walls.
– Leaking roofs, skylights, roof vent piping and roof vents.




Catalina Inspection Services’ personnel have performed over 50,000 inspections and have over $100,000,000 in construction experience, giving them expertise in the details of South Florida construction. Catalina offers the following services:



– Value engineering services to provide cost saving options to Project specifications and designs.

– Consulting and expert testimony to the legal community on a wide range of construction issues.

– Unbiased cost estimates comparing Catalina Inspection Services estimates to the proposed budget have helped many local lenders and developers determine the feasibility of potential projects.

– Peer Review of Construction Drawings and Specifications

– Construction-In-Progress Inspections.

– Construction progress draw evaluations and inspections.

– Expert Testimony

– Construction Budget Analysis

– Damage Assessment





Larry Weinstein and his staff are known throughout the state as the premier group to consult with if your project or property is in need of any of the following services:



– Expert Testimony

– Damage Assesment

– Forensic Inspections