“Who better to inspect a home than a home builder?”

It used to be anyone could call themselves a home inspector in Florida. Then in 2007, the Florida legislature passed a bill requiring licensure of all home inspectors. The Florida Inspector Bill, SB 2234, did not go into effect until July, 2010. Even then, from my point of view as a home builder, the requirements are minimal.

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It’s very easy to become a home inspector in Florida. With virtually no experience, someone can claim to be able to properly evaluate the condition of the home you want to buy. This is true whether they work for themselves or for someone else.

It’s important for you to know, when buying a home, whether your home inspector really understands every aspect it and how all these elements work together: roof, gutters, structural including foundation and walls, electrical, plumbing, grading, ventilation, attic, pools, spas, driveways, patios, fireplaces, windows, doors, enclosures, sprinklers. This is because problems in one area, such as plumbing, can and usually do affect other areas, such as structural integrity.

Likewise, it’s important to know whether your home inspector can give you a realistic estimate of repair costs. This takes in-the-trenches construction experience – and home inspection companies are not general contractors. They do not have to deal with – and solve – the same sorts of problems day after day.

Catalina Inspections is part of Catalina Building Corp., one of the most respected builders in South Florida for more than 30 years. So, when you ask us to inspect a home… you’re asking for the opinion of a veteran home-builder who has built hundreds of houses from the ground up.